I meant what I said and I said what I meant.


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Jul 4


city pride: 1-8: san fransisco; new york; minnesota; toronto; st. louis; sf; houston; niagara falls

My girlfriend is awesome and beautiful and lovely. And I miss her. A lot.

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The best part about being home

is hearing “Kassie, I love you” at least 50 times a day from my little sister. I’ve never felt so loved.

Because I can.

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Zen Pencils Comic100. CARL SAGAN: Pale blue dot

Jan 4

I just covered my entire body in Vicks. And then took a shot of cough syrup. Please, oh please, take this cough away!

Wisdom from my three-year-old sister …

Mom: Am I the center of your universe?

Katie: Nooooooooo

Mom: I’m not! Then who is?

Katie: Ummm….me!

It scares me that people (like my 73 year old grandmother) actually think Bill O’Reilly is a real reporter. There are just so many problems with this. Less than 10 seconds in he describes them as “self-proclaimed lesbians.”

And I just love his reasons that same sex sexuality should not become normalized. 1) “It’s much harder to be a homosexual than a heterosexual in America”-It’s harder because assholes like you MAKE it harder. “Normalizing homosexuality” would actually make things a lot easier.

2) “There are people who believe that that kind of a lifestyle is against their religion”-Many people who practice Hinduism believe that cows are sacred, but is he going to give up hamburgers to abide by their beliefs…I don’t think so.

3)”And exhibition of sexuality in a minor act, is inappropriate.” Yet he would have no problem with a heterosexual couple in the yearbook. Hmmmm….